BITB Episode 21: Top Twenty Tips from Producer Jaime!

A Bootstrapper’s Guide to Doing It

Welcome to a special episode of Business in the Bedroom! The show has now reached 21 episodes. That’s right… This show is old enough to legally imbibe, lol!! In celebration, we are taking a look at the best tips from the first twenty episodes. I asked my Production Assistant over at the Florida Podcast Network, Amber, to use her journalistic skills and choose the highlights from each episode, including how to define your why, multitasking your business and your social life, SEO key points, and so SO much more!! Journey with me down this memory lane powerhouse and jumpstart your business in the bedroom. Listen in, and let’s do this…!

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Host, Lead Editor, and Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur

Vocal Editor: Paul Stevens

Production Assistant: Amber Amortegui

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“Hit it hard. Keep the lights on.” ~Jaime

Tips included in this episode:

  1. Defining your “why” is your fav piece of advice to give, how to define your “why” (write a list), the importance of your “why”, your weight loss journey as an example.

  2. The voice in your head that gets in your own way, admitting you do this, knowing you’re not the only one, going back to your “why”, cross out all the “why nots”, what you can control.

  3. Everything you do is part of your portfolio and reputation, you never know what opportunity could come from something you did a while back, build a website and/or use LinkedIn to show off your work and testimonials.

  4. Emails (responsive and good grammar), logos (look professional), one-sheets (purpose), Zoom calls (timeliness, attire, lighting, background).

  5. How to learn graphic design, website building, and social media techniques on your own (online learning, the simple things).

  6. Multitasking your business and your social life, accepting you’re the weird one, not everyone will understand the grind, the people who love and support you are the only ones you should worry about.

  7. Bartering (what can you offer in exchange), borrowing (simple concept, borrow online), bargaining (doesn’t hurt to ask), and a few general tips at the end.

  8. Lack of self-care can lead to burnout, how to take time to get your stuff done, what it looks like when you don’t take time for self-care, honest look at your time, importance of sleep.

  9. Listening helps you solve a client’s pain point, always listen first, listening closes sales — not talking, businesses don’t want a slick oil salesman, experience with podcasters wanting different things.

  10. Money vs. time value distinction, pain points translate into value points, client will compensate you for value points, evaluate your experience, scarce skills means more money, identify your key uniqueness, how to communicate price points and value points.

  11. Perks of good SEO, what types of sites Google likes (good web design, clear menu options, SSL, etc.), importance of updating site and making sure it doesn’t look outdated.

  12. Different functions of Google Analytics (what pages people see first, where visitors come from, monitoring load time of pages), relevancy (keywords, good copy, maximize SEO benefit, third party site analyzer).

  13. Keep everything updated (contact info), make sure links aren’t broken, site longevity, social media isn’t SEO, don’t avoid fixing issues, it’s okay if you can’t fix them all at once.

  14. Get that sh*t in writing, contracts are crucial, contracts apply to family members too (could save the relationship in a tough business situation), protect your business, NDA.

  15. Linear breakdown of FSM contracts (top info., contact info., statement of intent, parameters for ending contract, penalties, autorenewal, the agreement, performance of services and money, NDA, etc.).

  16. Need space for your business despite what’s going on, set aside moments to rejuvenate and moments for business, communicate with clients about what’s going on (they want to feel heard), get help when you need it, importance of mental health.

  17. Nail down your business’s uniqueness, scale spirit and culture along with output of services, identifying key pieces you need to keep maintaining, getting process flows in place to pass on the work.

  18. Power of networking, find disciples for your brand, definition of networking, secret sauce of networking (setting a goal for yourself, listing goals), stick to your goals to see an amazing networking effect.

  19. Don’t work on your business on your job’s wifi, email, browser, etc., be aware of wandering eyes, keep your social media private, don’t accept work friends as FB friends, do great work at your job, leave your job graciously and don’t burn bridges.

  20. Keeping track of your progress to see how fulfilling following your passion can be, a few journal entries as examples, lightbulb moment: you’ll probably forget your accomplishments so you should write them down, look back at them whenever you doubt yourself.

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