FSM Monthly Blaze Bulletin – July 2017


FSM Monthly Blaze – July 2017

Have you ever had an exceptionally vivid dream–the kind of dream that you wake up from first swearing it was real? Has that dream ever changed your life, given you a new goal, or made you feel a new sense of purpose?

Well, that is precisely what happened to me a few months ago, and ever since, my mind has been ablaze, fleshing out the idea as quickly as I can jot down the notes. And, these last few weeks, I have finally begun making that dream a tangible entity that all who want to celebrate Florida can see and share in:

The Florida Podcast Network is Accepting Submissions from Locally-Based Shows!

My dream? Propelling Florida’s prosperity forward through the power of podcasting! I envisioned local brands attracting business and tourism opportunities to our great State by showcasing all that is unique about Florida–from the salt life to the sand life, from it’s swing state status to its “Flori-duh” reputation:

We are such a diverse and, well, interesting state, and nothing here is EVER boring. We Floridians have our differences; but, at the end of the day, we all represent our wonderful state!! So, there is also a showcase space for podcasts rooted locally:


Other Exciting FSM Updates…

New Promo Video:


Eggheads After Hours
Relaunched July 3rd!!
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PM17 IGNITE Speaker
Presenting on the Big Stage!!
What is PM Ignite?


Palm Beach Podcasters
Upcoming Vox Pop Workshop
Join Us August 4th!

A Few More Notes:
July 18th: Jaime was invited as a guest on Kate Volman’s Facebook Live show:
July 23rd: Jaime was the featured influencer at Style Chamber’s Entrepreneur’s Brunch:

If you are interested in podcasting or already have your own show, be sure to join the Palm Beach Podcasters! Attend our next meeting for your show’s chance to be spotlighted or featured on the website. For continuous updates, please follow the Palm Beach Podcasters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As always, thank you so much for being part of the Flint Stone Media family. I look forward to bringing you great podcasting, marketing, and entertainment updates from my small business adventures in south Florida!!


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