Podfest Podcast Episode 3: Live from Podfest Origins: 3 Building Community, Cultural Microniches, and Using Conferences to Your Advantage, brought to you by Buzzsprout

Education and Inspiration Through Community

This week, we recorded LIVE and in-person at Podfest Origins in Tampa, FL! Glenn the Geek and Producer Jaime begin with Mike Wiston and Joe Rubin of Mowpod, who take us down our first track on Audience Growth, sharing how they’ve built a solid community around their podcast, Friday Night Karaoke. Then, on Track 2, we dip into Culture & Lifestyle with LaGina Harris of LaRae Infinity: Let’s Talk. She chats with us about the growth of cultural microniches. And, our third track is brought to you by our hosts, who discuss using conferences to your advantage. Plus, we’ll share our latest community shout outs, crown our trivia winner from October, and bring you a brand new trivia question from Jonathan Oakes of Trivial Warfare, so you have another chance to win a great prize. Welcome to the conference!


  • 3:47 – Podfest on the Move – Shoutouts
  • 8:16 – Track #1: Audience Growth with Mike Wiston and Joe Rubin chat about building community around your podcast
  • 17:43 – Track #2: Culture & Lifestyle with LaGina Harris discusses the growth of cultural microniches
  • 32:18 – Track #3: Key Note from Glenn the Geek and Producer Jaime on using conferences to your advantage
  • 37:31 – Trivia Segment with Jonathan Oakes from Trivial Warfare
  • 41:32 – Close

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Guest, Track 1: Mike Wiston and Joe Rubin of Friday Night Karaoke and Mowpod

Guest, Track 2: LaGina Harris of LaRae Infinity: Let’s Talk

Mentioned in the Show: The Coming Out Late Podcast by Robin Douglass | Robin’s Private Facebook Group | Email Robin (Comingoutlater@gmail.com)

Track 3, provided by your hosts! From your hosts! Sample episodes referenced:

Trivia Host: Jonathon Oakes of Trivial Warfare | Prize for November 2021: Announcing soon!!

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