BITB Episode 30: Using Conferences to Your Advantage

A Bootstrapper’s Guide to Doing It

I’m going to share with you my NUMBER ONE branding and business growth strategy that was an absolute gamechanger for me–attending conferences. And, there are different strategies and benefits you can utilize, depending on how you are going to that conference–as an attendee, a speaker, or with a media pass. I’ve packed this episode with lots of tips to help you find the right conferences to go to, decide how you want to show up, and to maximize your time while you’re there. Plus, I’ll mention examples of how attending conferences has boosted my own entrepreneurial career, providing links to several examples in the show notes. And, I’ll end the episode by including a clip from Episode 3 of my other show–the Podfest Podcast. My co-host, Glenn, and I discussed this strategy and how we have (both individually and through projects together) attended conferences over and over again to keep leveling up, and it has proven to simply be revolutionary. Listen in, and let’s do this…!

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