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Founded in 2010, Flint Stone Media has been the digital bedrock for dozens of brands and businesses, specializing in podcast production since 2014. Through teaching, public speaking, and one-on-one consultations, Founder Jaime Legagneur has worked tirelessly to encourage a robust podcasting industry in south Florida, and now the operation is expanding. As Flint Stone Media grows its portfolio of independent and network clients and expands the footprint of the Florida Podcast Network, we need to add more members to our team. Are you who we’ve been searching for???

Most of our positions can be fulfilled virtually. Please review the open roles below and then scroll down to fill out our submission form. One of our team members will review your materials and contact you shortly. Thank you!

First, review our open roles…

Our editors work on projects for independent clients and network clients. These projects include:

  • Full episodes from raw audio, following the episode’s show notes to:
    • Edit out those little, um, “mistakes”
    • Add intro and outro bumpers
    • Apply music beds
    • Add pre-recorded ads
    • Perform light sound leveling and engineering
  • Other editing projects may include:
    • Bumpers and music beds for clients shows
    • Custom audio projects

Our team of sales professionals provide support for shows across Flint Stone Media’s portfolio, including both Florida Podcast Network shows and independent client shows. And, we pay out VERY competitive commission rates! The Sales Representative’s role will include selling sponsorship and advertising spots across the FSM portfolio and also initiating conversations with potential Affiliates for the Networks. These tasks will include:

  • Researching potential sponsors and advertisers
  • Sending initial contact emails
  • Scheduling meetings between management and potential sponsors/advertisers
  • Managing and maintaining sales-related documentation

Our social media / marketing team comprises the front lines of exposure of Flint Stone Media and all internal and client brands. We are looking for experts to carry out supportive tasks.

Social Media work would include:

  • publishing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts for each newly-released episode and for special events and other news
  • publishing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts for each news post published to Flint Stone Media and Florida Podcast Network sites
  • creating audiograms for episode posts
  • posting all contracted sponsor promotions
  • publishing promotional posts for Palm Beach Podcasters
  • creating graphics and copy for each post for approval
  • monitoring and updating episode release posts scheduled through hosting sites, such as Libsyn
  • researching and applying new trends in social media and marketing
  • Other related tasks as requested and assigned

Marketing work would include:

  • Managing engagement on Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and LinkedIn pages
  • Monitoring and managing all social media account inbox messages
  • Participating in social media events, such as Visit Florida’s Twitter Chat
  • Promotion of news and special events
  • Campaign development
  • Researching new initiatives
  • Graphic design support for other departments
  • Other related tasks as requested and assigned

For both roles, graphic design experience is a plus!

Then, fill out the form to submit yourself…

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