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Hello, I’m Andy Kushner, host of the leading wedding and events podcast, The Wedding Biz. And I have been so fortunate to have partnered with Jaime Legagneur and her company, Flint Stone Media, to grow The Wedding Biz from a solo show into a full podcast network. Since May 2019 (even through this pandemic), Jaime has been by my side in the sales process–helping to solidify the sale with each new host and then guiding them through her well-established show development process thereafter.

And Jaime really pulled every corner of her talent into this endeavor for me–applying not only her podcasting acumen, but so much more. She also applied her business education from Tulane University to put together my strategy plan, framework, and supporting documentation. Furthermore, Jaime used her legal knowledge from the Law School at the University of Virginia to manage my hosts’ contracts–frequently also acting as the liaison with my legal counsel.

Plus, she utilized her vast experience as a web designer and developer to both build the website for The Wedding Biz Network and redesign the website for my podcast, The Wedding Biz, increasing discoverability for the flagship show.

I was fortunate to find such an array of skills in just one person.

Above all else, Jaime has demonstrated unbounded dedication and an authentic enthusiasm for my success. AND her entire Flint Stone Media team has made wonderful contributions to the effort by supporting the production of shows for Sean Low, Rachel Birthistle, and Preston Bailey from launch through episode recording, editing, post-production, and distribution. I simply could not have built this network without them, and I can’t wait to see how far TWBN goes with their continued support!

~Andy Kushner

  • Listening at work. Doing a great job [on your International Podcast Day 2019 Presentation].

    Dan Delgado Host, The Industry Podcast
  • Incredible dedication to our podcasting community.

    Michelle Y. Talbert Founder, Her Power Space
  • Working with Jaime has been an amazing experience. Jaime is very knowledgeable and helped me not only create my podcast, but also handles all of the production [and] distribution. She also understands the business side of podcasting and is very connected in the podcast world. She is the real deal!

    Suzanne Boyd Host, People of Palm Beach
  • You did a marvelous job editing. I mean, you are really talented. There were a lot of awkward pauses, and I did not hear any of them!

    Mystic Michaela Host, Know Your Aura Podcast
  • Thank you, Jaime Legagneur, for being amazing and getting the Self-Care Solutions Podcast up and running!!! You are the best!!!

    Julia Manfre Host, The Self-Care Solutions Podcast
  • Thank you all for your help with WESA’s Anniversary video! We just shared it online. It wouldn’t have been the same without the famous voices of Wisdom by WESA! Here is the final result.

    Sophia Jagella Wisdom by WESA
  • Jaime is amazing, helped me so much. and I couldn't have done anything with out her.

    Mystic Michaela Host, Know Your Aura Podcast
  • I am SO happy with your choice of the one minute clip for the Audiogram. Yay! Picture is great too. Thank you for helping me sound and look good!

    Gary Danoff Host, What's Next Now Podcast
  • This is perfect. Outstanding job stitching it all together. Thanks so much!

    Joe Nevills Host, Arabian Racing Radio
  • I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about your team!

    Glenn Hebert Owner, The Horse Radio Network
  • Thank you! It's amazing!!!!!!!! You are a rock star! ⭐️

    Andy Kushner Owner, The Wedding Biz Network
  • I am really impressed by how you saved the sound quality of this interview with Steve! Thank you. 🙂

    Jeremy Pound Host, New Customer Machine

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