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The Flint Stone Media team has been working with and building podcast networks across a variety of industries since 2017. Turn to our team to help you navigate:

  • foundational and strategic planning
  • supportive document production
  • cross-promotion across the network
  • sales and marketing support
  • show production

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Networks Our Team Has Built or Facilitated Launching:


The Power Moms Podcast Network

Owned / Operated

In Pre-Launch!!

We are POWER Moms–a group of women who have parlayed their superpowers from motherhood into gamechanging impacts for themselves, their families, and their communities. Are YOU a Power Mom? Submit yourself below for consideration as a host on our newest network–the Power Moms Podcast Network!

Hello! And, welcome to Power Moms! Please submit yourself below for consideration, but know that the process will be VERY selective. We want true Power Moms who have already demonstrated an impact and are enthusiastic about doing so now through podcasting… ~Producer Jaime


Florida Podcast Network

Owned / Operated

The Voice of Florida!

“Celebrating Florida one voice at a time.” ~ Currently 5 shows!

By creating a space where travel and tourism brands, small businesses, and enthused locals can showcase all that is unique about Florida. From the salt life to the swamp life and from its swing state status to its “Flori-duh” reputation, Legagneur hopes to help our great State continue to prosper.

So, whether a listeners is a local looking for his next staycation or visitors from distant lands craving our various flavors of adventure, our podcasts inspire and entertain the Floridian in everybody!!


The Wedding Biz Network

Launch Director / Production

The Voice of the Creative Entrepreneur!

The Wedding Biz Network™’s ambition is to grow the wedding and events industry through the power of podcasting. With a combined experience of over 7 years in the podcast industry and more than 1,000 episodes produced, the Wedding Biz NetworkTM team is poised to build a successful Network all about the wedding industry operated by industry leaders.

Hello, I’m Andy Kushner, host of the leading wedding and events podcast, The Wedding Biz. And I have been so fortunate to have partnered with Jaime Legagneur and her company, Flint Stone Media, to grow The Wedding Biz from a solo show into a full podcast network. Since May 2019 (even through this pandemic), Jaime has been by my side in the sales process–helping to solidify the sale with each new host and then guiding them through her well-established show development process thereafter.

And Jaime really pulled every corner of her talent into this endeavor for me–applying not only her podcasting acumen, but so much more. She also applied her business education from Tulane University to put together my strategy plan, framework, and supporting documentation. Furthermore, Jaime used her legal knowledge from the Law School at the University of Virginia to manage my hosts’ contracts–frequently also acting as the liaison with my legal counsel.

Plus, she utilized her vast experience as a web designer and developer to both build the website for The Wedding Biz Network and redesign the website for my podcast, The Wedding Biz, increasing discoverability for the flagship show.

I was fortunate to find such an array of skills in just one person.

Above all else, Jaime has demonstrated unbounded dedication and an authentic enthusiasm for my success. AND her entire Flint Stone Media team has made wonderful contributions to the effort by supporting the production of shows for Sean Low, Rachel Birthistle, and Preston Bailey from launch through episode recording, editing, post-production, and distribution. I simply could not have built this network without them, and I can’t wait to see how far TWBN goes with their continued support!

~Andy Kushner

Networks Our Team Supports:


Horse Radio Network

Management and Production Support

The Voice of the Horse World!

Nearly 20 shows all about horses!!

The Horse Radio Network is the leading online radio (podcast) network for horse lovers worldwide with shows to satisfy all equine tastes. HRN is now one of the largest independent podcast networks in the world:

  • Over 7,400 episodes
  • Over 9,000 guests interviewed
  • Over 700 product reviews
  • Listeners in 92 countries

The key to the Horse Radio Network is fun! We believe that people own horses for fun and entertainment. Why else would you put up with the early morning feedings, stall cleaning, vet bills, long trips to shows, empty bank accounts and everything else that goes with being a horse owner. Our goal with these shows is to help your chores go a little faster and to put a smile on your face!

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