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Established in 2014 with its early roots in digital media, Producer Jaime has grown Flint Stone Media into a highly resourceful podcast production house and consultancy firm based in south Florida. Whether elevating your current brand or sparking a new endeavor, our acumen for professional content creation can propel your podcast and image to new heights!


  • Thank you again for your fabulous presentation on Podcasting on Saturday. I learned a lot about the process, and I know everyone else there did, too. Informative AND fun!

    Diane A.S. Stuckart Vice-President, Mystery Writers of America-Florida Chapter
  • I just want to tell you that I really appreciate all of your time and effort. Thank you, Jaime... and team!!

    Shawna Karrasch President/Co-Founder, On Target Training
  • Jaime's excitement, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the industry is what made me trust her completely. Jaime is the best!

  • Thank you so much for all your help. You rock!

    Jason Pennington THE KVJ SHOW / Radio Host
  • You incorporated so much with the interaction and held everyone's attention, and we were enlightened about podcasting!

    Cathy Iannucci-Rollins Talent Agent, Standing Room Only Prods, Inc.
  • I couldn't have asked for a better marketing companion than FSM! I am 1000% satisfied.

    Gerard Legagneur, Esq. Lawyer & Escrow Agent
  • I love my social media specialist!

    Linh Morrison SOL EXPERIENCES / Founder
  • If there is any reason we wind up back in [West Palm Beach], it's because of you.

    Kevin Rolston THE KVJ SHOW / Radio Host
  • I really enjoyed your talk last Saturday. You are certainly THE WINNER.

    M. C. V. Egan Author
  • This is perfect. Outstanding job stitching it all together. Thanks so much!

    Joe Nevills Host, Arabian Racing Radio
  • I have been doing this for over 5 years and this is my third (and very best!) website!!!

    Dr. Liz Knowles, Ed.D. COGNITIVE ADVANTAGE / Founder
  • BY THE WAY so many commented on how well you lead us in prayer. You are above and beyond one of the very best. Thank you!

    Wendy Tobias St. Joseph's Episcopal Church - Priest, Unplugged Service
  • Thank you, Jaime Legagneur, for being amazing and getting the Self-Care Solutions Podcast up and running!!! You are the best!!!

    Julia Manfre Host, The Self-Care Solutions Podcast

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About Us

Flint Stone Media is not a sales operation. Flint Stone Media is a passion operation. We take on clients who we truly believe in and take the time to get to know, and whose success we are as driven to see happen as they are!

You’ve got the passion…. You’re putting in the work…. Now, let us help you get recognized and stay motivated!

As a new client, you will find that the podcast we develop, the episodes we produce, and the exposure we help you build will be executed with equally as much passion for your show as you have–and THAT is what builds brand and image loyalty!

Our Flint Stone Media clients are not just accounts; they are FAMILY.


About Us
About Us

We are proud to have helped ignite their shows!

jaime’s mission

Helping people live their true passion is Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur’s mission, and she has found no more powerful tool than podcasting. Soon after starting her marketing company, Flint Stone Media, in 2014, she launched her Curve the Cube podcast with the idea to inspire people to find their passion and do their thing (outside the cubicle!). By interviewing movers and shakers who have already successfully lived their dream or are unapologetically deep in the trenches, she offers real actionable nuggets to inspire others to go from being dreamers to being doers!


Along the journey of producing her flagship show, podcasting has become her own passion, and Jaime works every day toward the goal of making it a full-time focus. To that end, she co-hosts on two other shows, is the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group, and has launched her own network, the Florida Podcast Network.

“I approach all of my clients with the intention of establishing both a professional and personal relationship. Their success is my success! So, their words of appreciation and confidence mean the WORLD to me.”

~Jaime, President

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 Finding Florida Podcast
Finding Florida Podcast

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Florida Podcast Network
Florida Podcast Network

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Palm Beach Podcasters


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