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with Producer Jaime

Award-winning professional podcast Host and Executive Producer since 2014

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@producerjaime This is just about the most WONDERFUL message I have EVER received as a podcaster… 🥹 Thank you, Johnny Pyka of @backofthecerealbox!! 🫶🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Are you a podcaster? Check out Podcasting Your Brand and judge for yourself! (OR, just let it help you in your podcasting, lol…) #ThisIsWhyIDoIt #PodcastLife #podcaster #podcasting #podcasts #PYB #PodcastingYourBrand ♬ Take on Me - Mia Amare & Sarah Bird
  • To give you an idea of how valuable I think your show really is, I have now made it required listening for all of my co-hosts, and the hosts of the other shows on the Cereal Box Network. 😊

    Back of the Cereal Box Network Founder and Host, Back of the Cereal Box Network
  • Not only is Jaime knowledgeable, she is organized about presenting her skill set. She shares information in such a way it’s easy to understand and also entertaining! I learn so much and I feel like I’m listening to a friend. Thank you, Jaime!!!

    Mystic Michaela Aura Reader and Podcaster, Know Your Aura
  • Your podcast is amazing!!! You are hysterical!!! I love it!!!! I’m going to use your "why" activity for group today. 😊

    Julia Manfre Therapist and Owner, Self Care Solutions LLC
  • I always thought about starting a podcast. I listened to the first six episodes over the weekend and I am totally inspired.

    Miami Gardens Now

Producer Jaime just LOVES talking about podcasting and giving back to an industry that has given her SO much. How can her voice be used to further YOUR brand??

“Remember, the only thing more powerful than your voice is your spirit to use it. So, turn that mic on!”
~ Producer Jaime

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Season 3: Producer Jaime Welcomes Her Pro Podcast Peers

Pro Podcaster Peer Guests from Seasons 3 and 4:

Pro Podcaster Peer Guests from Seasons 3 and 4:

Season 4:

Season 3:

Season 2: Producer Jaime’s Solo Sessions

Season 4:

Season 3:

Season 2: Producer Jaime’s Solo Sessions

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