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The First Official Podcast from
Podfest Multimedia Expo

co-hosted by Producer Jaime

The official podcast of the Podfest community, presented by Podfest Multimedia Expo–the largest podcasting conference for independent podcasters in the United States. Hosted by Podfest veterans, Glenn the Geek (Glenn Hebert) and Producer Jaime (Jaime Legagneur), each episode is a mini Podfest conference experience filled with lessons from past Podfest speakers (some of the BEST in the industry). These segments will be centered around Podfest’s content tracks: Creation / Launch; Technology / Innovation; Audience Growth; Monetization / Marketing; YouTube / Video; and Culture / Lifestyle. Their tips and your hosts’ entertaining commentary will help you learn, grow your podcast, and reach your goals. PLUS, we are celebrating YOU on this show with shoutouts and chances to win amazing prizes. Join us for some fun and learn a lot about the craft of podcasting along the way!

Releases the 10th and 25th of each month!

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  • Podfest is an amazing event and community of supportive and wonderful people. Can’t wait to hear more!

    Wade Gait "Love the Event, Community, & Show"
  • Yes!!!!!!! 2 episodes and I’m totally in!!!

    RominaRow 🥰

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Chris Krimitsos, Founder of Podfest:

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Jaime Legagneur of Flint Stone Media and the Florida Podcast Network and Glenn the Geek of Horse Radio Network are some of the original members of the Podfest community. Between them, they have a combined podcasting experience of over 18 years and have themselves hosted 5,000+ episodes. They are full time podcasters who have helped launch and produce 40+ shows with over 13,000 episodes across their production portfolios.

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