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Develop your expertise with these guest powerhouses of knowledge–diverse experts from the Owwll App! Developed by Jason Hill, Owwll connects you to professionals through live audio calls, and is focused on helping you seek or provide advice. And these masters of their fields are joining Jason and his co-host, Producer Jaime, to share with you their journey into expertise. They will define being an expert in what they do, so you can further define and go after becoming the expert YOU want to be. Did they stumble into learning their expertise out of necessity, or was their intention to become the expert they are more deliberate? And, did it really take the famed 10,000 hours (or approximately 10 years) of deliberate practice? What were their methods for reducing their time investment and expediting their expertise? And, how do they pay that mentorship forward? All their insights and tips are revealed for you on the Owwll Podcast! Listen in to Connect, Learn, and Grow. Then, download the Owwll App today and monetize your own expertise!!

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  • Podfest is an amazing event and community of supportive and wonderful people. Can’t wait to hear more!

    Wade Gait "Love the Event, Community, & Show"
  • Yes!!!!!!! 2 episodes and I’m totally in!!!

    RominaRow 🥰

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Jason Hill, the Founder of the Owwll App, and Producer Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur of Flint Stone Media and the Florida Podcast Network have been podcasting collectively for over 12 years! They have been friends ever since Jason inviter to be a guest on his other podcast, Shrimp Tank Boca back in November 2018. Jaime is EXCEEDINGLY proud of the work Jason has done to bring such a valuable app concept to fruition with the Owwll App. And, they are thrilled to now celebrate the App’s experts and help you develop YOUR expertise!!

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Jason and Producer Jaime first became friends, when he invited her as a guest on his other podcast, The Shrimp Tank Boca:

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