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We offertop-notch production quality from our team of highly-skilled podcasting professionals. This is the perfect service for those wanting to take their business or personal brand’s content offerings to the next level with the addition of a professional podcast that will augment (rather than hurt) your brand.

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This is the perfect service for individuals and organizations needing more premium support and wanting the complete feeling of a full show experience to accellerate their brand: our highest-level of audio AND video production quality, content research, guest releations, and more!!

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This is our flexible option for those with more expansive needs, such as more than one show to tend to.

Celebrating 300K downloads with Team SUCI, July 2023!

@producerjaime It just goes to show you: ✅ Consistency and Dedication ✅ Valuable Content that Impacts ✅ Passion for Your Community These are the keys to podcasting success… yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We are SO proud of everything you have accomplished in Chicago real estate investing, Mark and Tom!! Way to go, SUCI, and HUGE thank you to my amazing team. 🤗 Here’s to the next 300K!! In celebration, we are offering a special $300 discount to get started with us. But, you have to sign up by THIS Monday at 5pm ET. We look forward to working with you! 👋🏾👋🏾 FlintStoneMedia.com/CelebrateSUCI #PodcastProduction #AwardWinningProducer #ElevateYourPodcast #PodcastingYourBrand ♬ Check It Out - Oh The Larceny

Founded in 2014, Flint Stone Media has been the digital bedrock for dozens of brands and businesses, specializing in podcast production. Through teaching, public speaking, and one-on-one consultations, Founder Jaime Legagneur has worked tirelessly to encourage a robust podcasting industry in south Florida, and now the operation is expanding. As Flint Stone Media grows its portfolio of independent and network clients and expands the footprint of the Florida Podcast Network, we need to add more members to our team. Are you who we’ve been searching for???

Most of our positions can be fulfilled virtually. Please review the open roles below and then scroll down to fill out our submission form. One of our team members will review your materials and contact you shortly. Thank you!

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