Charles MillingLead Sound Engineer and Composer

Charles Milling

Lake Worth, FL, USA

Career Highlights:



Charles Milling is Live Hymnal’s Founder and Creative Director, and is the Director of Contemporary Music at Saint Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Boynton Beach, Florida. He credits a musical upbringing in New Orleans to his passion for engaging people’s hearts through contemporary music. He is an NYU/Berklee grad, a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, keynote speaker, arranger, band-leader, songwriter, husband, and doggy daddy.

Over the past fourteen years, Charles has devoted himself to creating a joyful worship style that honors mainline Christian traditions while fostering new community through awesome band-led congregational singing. Passing this new-from-old tradition on to young, budding musicians and to other church communities is his passion and art form.

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