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Podcasting is THE innovative way to get your message or your company’s story to the masses, and our team has been exploring the secret sauce of a successful podcast since 2014! Work with leaders in the podcast industry, and add a podcast to your brand’s content offerings. From setup through releasing your first episode and growing your audience, Producer Jaime will lend her experience producing nearly 1,000 episodes and make the process of creating YOUR show simple and easy for you!

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  • Thank you again for your fabulous presentation on Podcasting on Saturday. I learned a lot about the process, and I know everyone else there did, too. Informative AND fun!

    Diane A.S. Stuckart
    Diane A.S. Stuckart Vice-President, Mystery Writers of America-Florida Chapter
  • I have heard so many compliments on your presentation Saturday. Your work with Diane helps our chapter! We look forward to working with you again.

    Charles Todd
    Charles Todd Author
  • You did a marvelous job editing. I mean, you are really talented. There were a lot of awkward pauses, and I did not hear any of them!

    Mystic Michaela
    Mystic Michaela Host, Know Your Aura Podcast
  • Listening at work. Doing a great job [on your International Podcast Day 2019 Presentation].

    Dan Delgado
    Dan Delgado Host, The Industry Podcast
  • I really loved you teaching us. I didn't expect to enjoy learning about podcasting as much as I did. You made it fun and informative.

    Anonymous Student, Connecticut School of Broadcasting
  • Thank you! It's amazing!!!!!!!! You are a rock star! ⭐️

    Andy Kushner
    Andy Kushner Owner, The Wedding Biz Network
  • I am SO happy with your choice of the one minute clip for the Audiogram. Yay! Picture is great too. Thank you for helping me sound and look good!

    Gary Danoff
    Gary Danoff Host, What's Next Now Podcast
  • Jaime - just got back from Podfest and wanted to say, great job!

    Ryan Taylor Rose
    Ryan Taylor Rose Director of Sales & Partnership Development, Syracuse University
  • The course was very informative and gave great advice on how to podcast. I really liked hearing tips on how to make your podcast more entertaining and how to draw in more [listeners].

    Anonymous Student, Connecticut School of Broadcasting
  • BY THE WAY so many commented on how well you lead us in prayer. You are above and beyond one of the very best. Thank you!

    Wendy Tobias
    Wendy Tobias St. Joseph's Episcopal Church - Priest, Unplugged Service
  • I really enjoyed your talk last Saturday. You are certainly THE WINNER.

    M. C. V. Egan
    M. C. V. Egan Author
  • Working with Jaime has been an amazing experience. Jaime is very knowledgeable and helped me not only create my podcast, but also handles all of the production [and] distribution. She also understands the business side of podcasting and is very connected in the podcast world. She is the real deal!

    Suzanne Boyd
    Suzanne Boyd Host, People of Palm Beach
  • I got the opportunity to hear you speak on local geo podcasting, and I just want to say "thank you" for a great presentation. Really inspiring and opened my eyes to a few things. That was the best breakout all weekend!

    Rahz Slaughter
    Rahz Slaughter Fitness Business Mastery
  • Thank you so much for presenting at our first virtual leadership conference! You were awesome.

    Tara Allen
    Tara Allen Student Support Advisor, St. Petersburg College Women on the Way Center
  • Jaime is amazing, helped me so much. and I couldn't have done anything with out her.

    Mystic Michaela
    Mystic Michaela Host, Know Your Aura Podcast
  • You incorporated so much with the interaction and held everyone's attention, and we were enlightened about podcasting!

    Cathy Iannucci-Rollins
    Cathy Iannucci-Rollins Talent Agent, Standing Room Only Prods, Inc.
  • Thank you all for your help with WESA’s Anniversary video! We just shared it online. It wouldn’t have been the same without the famous voices of Wisdom by WESA! Here is the final result.

    Sophia Jagella
    Sophia Jagella Wisdom by WESA
  • I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about your team!

    Glenn Hebert
    Glenn Hebert Owner, The Horse Radio Network
  • This is perfect. Outstanding job stitching it all together. Thanks so much!

    Joe Nevills
    Joe Nevills Host, Arabian Racing Radio
  • As we shift to a virtual world, the content Jaime provided was timely, relevant and inspiring. GREAT JOB!!!”

    Anonymous Student
  • Awesome instructor and great way of presenting how the podcast business works and make it relatable. [It] gave me a better sense and knowledge on how to execute my podcast dreams. Thank you again!

    Dylan Student, Connecticut School of Broadcasting
  • Jaime is very knowledgeable--a lot of good pointers. And, I definitely would recommend [her] to anyone interesting in podcasting. On a scale of one to ten, [she's] a ten.

    Anonymous Student, Connecticut School of Broadcasting
  • Incredible dedication to our podcasting community.

    Michelle Y. Talbert
    Michelle Y. Talbert Founder, Her Power Space
  • You made the whole frightening live summit idea smooth and friendly, and I want to thank you for that! I was way more worried about pre- and post-video in PodPros, and you removed all the frightening stuff away. You listened, made me feel comfortable, encouraged and MCed with attendees' questions. I loved the way you shot insightful questions at Katie, Do Vic and everyone, I wish I could be that versatile. 😊 [You] made the Guest Track so powerful with your natural ability to instantly connect and be on top of everything. I loved it!
    Thank you!
    Daniel Alfon
    Daniel Alfon
  • I am really impressed by how you saved the sound quality of this interview with Steve! Thank you. 🙂

    Jeremy Pound
    Jeremy Pound Host, New Customer Machine
  • Thank you, Jaime Legagneur, for being amazing and getting the Self-Care Solutions Podcast up and running!!! You are the best!!!

    Julia Manfre
    Julia Manfre Host, The Self-Care Solutions Podcast

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We are POWER Moms–a group of women who have parlayed their superpowers from motherhood into gamechanging impacts for themselves, their families, and their communities. Are YOU a Power Mom? Submit yourself below for consideration as a host on our newest network–the Power Moms Podcast Network!

Hello! And, welcome to Power Moms! Please submit yourself below for consideration, but know that the process will be VERY selective. We want true Power Moms who have already demonstrated an impact and are enthusiastic about doing so now through podcasting… ~Producer Jaime

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Flint Stone Media has been the digital messaging bedrock of several brands and businesses, serving as a highly-resourceful podcast production house and consultancy firm since 2014. Work with a leader in the industry and add a new podcast to your brand’s content offerings.

From show development and setup through recording and distribution, Jaime will lend her experience launching dozens of podcasts and producing over a thousand episodes, making creating YOUR show a simple and easy turn-key process for you. Our team of podcasting specialists can help you with ANY of your podcasting needs–from independent podcasting as a hobby to a full-scale network design and build.

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