Flint Stone Media’s New Website has Launched!!


Good day from Jaime, South Florida!!

I am over-the-MOON excited to unveil my big kick-off project for 2017: relaunching my company’s site, FlintStoneMedia.com!! Founded in 2014, I couldn’t be a more proud digital-momma than to launch into the next level of my business operation. Why the big relaunch, you ask? Well, my website skills have improved exponentially over the last 6-8 months, and my previous website did NOT reflect that. (No bueno!!) So, I have completely redesigned it. I am also announcing the incorporation of PODCASTING services into my content creation offerings. How exciting!!


FSM will still offer all the wonderful digital marketing services you are used to (social media campaigns, marketing strategy and analytics, graphic design, video production, etc…) However, in this new phase, I am expanding FSM’s focus to encompass not only my full digital marketing services suite, but also incorporate my now-seasoned skills in the next frontier of content creation–podcasting.


Podcasting has really taken off for me over the last couple of years–from Curve the Cube and Egg Heads After Hours to the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network and Palm Beach Podcasters–and, it’s time to bring that experience to my clients to help fuel their SEO.


So, if you have a need for digital marketing that is personalized and professional, I would love to talk to you about your marketing needs in 2017. From building solid websites to producing impactful podcasts, Flint Stone Media is geared and ready to ignite your marketing and get your message out to the world. Check it out for yourself!


As always, thank you so much for being part of the Flint Stone Media family. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as I continue to bring you great marketing, podcasting, and entertainment updates from my small business adventures in south Florida!!



Welcome to Flint Stone Media!

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