Two Fresh New Sources of Motivation have Just Sprung Up!!


Good day, from Jaime!!

Are you a dreamer who wants to become a doer? Well, do I have exciting news for YOU!! There are now two new (and FREE!!) ways to gain support, tips, tricks, and info to help you put action behind your passion. The Curve the Cube Podcast has a fresh new website (built by moi!) that offers more than just the robust episodes with great change-makers you’ve grown to be inspired by. I’ve taken the show’s newest segment called “The Learning Curve” to the site, laying all the great topics out for you. Now, you can search or use tags/categories to find the useful tips that most apply to YOUR journey. How cool is that?!

The Curve the Cube Podcast has a fresh new site:!!
Join the conversation in the new Facebook group, Dreamers Become Doers!!

And, to encourage networking and engagement, I’ve also created the new Facebook group, DreamersBecomeDoers, where I will post these Learning Curve tips as well to start conversations, and where YOU can share what you are trying to do and what struggles and triumphs you’ve experienced along the way. So, click and join today!! We are all in this journey toward curving our cubes, breaking down obstacles, and achieving greatness together…

(Also, please don’t forget to follow @CurveTheCube on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.)

As always, thank you so much for being part of the Curve the Cube Podcast and Flint Stone Media family. I always look forward to bringing you great podcasting, marketing, and entertainment updates from my podcasting and small business adventures in south Florida!!



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