Jaime was Invited into the Shrimp Tank!


The fun folks of The Shrimp Tank – Boca Podcast invited our founder, Jaime Legagneur, to be featured on their live show!

More About The Shrimp Tank…

Where Young Entrepreneurs Turn Their Dreams Into Business.

Meet The Brightest Entrepreneurs From Today and Tomorrow…

Where can a young entrepreneur figure out how to turn their dreams into reality? Just take a step into the Shrimp Tank Boca Raton. The Shrimp Tank brings you interviews with some of the most successful business owners in the United States to learn the do’s and don’ts of starting and running a successful business. Then, the fun really starts when we bring in high school and college students to pitch their business ideas to the Shrimp Tank. We don’t fund any business, but we do teach kids how to turn their business ideas into a successful business.

Check out the intro video for Jaime’s episode…

Click here for her full podcast episode, including her time in the hot seat with their “Plead the Fifth” segment!!

Head to The Shrimp Tank – Boca Podcast for their full show notes and pictures from the set! Here is how she was introduced…

Jaime Legagneur / Flint Stone Media & Florida Podcast Network

“Floridian since 1982. Chief Enthusiasm Officer. Jaime’s podcast career began in 2014, when she launched Curve the Cube, and she later followed with Eggheads After Hours in 2016. She founded the Florida Podcast Network in August 2017 with the goal of helping businesses and brands (in particular, in terms of travel and tourism) get into the powerful podcasting space, so they can propel Florida’s entrepreneurial prosperity forward.”

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