Jaime and Glenn the Geek Rock Podfest 2019 as Ambassadors, Key Note Speakers, and Panelists

Jaime and her Florida Podcast Network partner, Glenn the Geek, had a GREAT time with everyone at this year’s Podfest Multimedia Expo, where they definitely kept themselves BUSY!!

Scroll down for highlights from their various activities around the event, which included:

  • Being Ambassadors leading up to the conference
  • Rocking the main stage as Opening Key Note Speakers
  • Representing geo-local podcasting and networks as panelists
  • Turning their business trip into a “workation” for a special Finding Florida Podcast episode

Thank you for the invitation, Podfest!



Leading up to this year’s Podfest, founder Chris Krimitsos asked Jaime and Glenn to be Ambassadors for the event and help spread the word, which they were more than delighted to do! They interviewed several of the other event speakers to gin up interest and help fill the rooms.

Opening Key Note Speakers

The biggest honor for them was being asked to kick off the entire conference as Opening Key Note Speakers. Jaime and Glenn held the main stage for about 10 minutes, speaking to the crowd on how to make the best out of Podfest: by making connections. Jaime and Glenn are certainly two VERY different people; but, they made a solid connection two years ago at Podfest 2017, and the rest has been magical podcasting history!!

Watch their Opening Key Note below…

[Video Coming Soon!]

Panelists: Geo-Local Podcasting

Geo-local podcasting is not only a powerful new trend in podcast niching, but is also Jaime and Glenn’s specialty, as they are building the Florida Podcast Network together. So, for Jaime to be asked to be a part of Podfest’s Geo-Local Podcasting panel while Glenn moderated was a dream for the FPN team. AND, Glenn also did a stellar job moderating the Networking panel the day prior (while Jaime handled the Q&A mic and clicker duties, lol).

Watch clips from their Geo-Local Panel below…

[Clips Full of their Great Tips Coming Soon!]

Not only did they get to meet some great people after the panel who are interested in geo-local podcasting (particularly in Florida–woot!), but they also received excellent and much-appreciated accolades.

Take a listen to one compliment they received via voicemail:

Voicemail received March 10, 2019:

A Special Note on Finding Florida

While enjoying all of their Podfest duties, Jaime and Glenn also had a mission of recording an episode of their Finding Florida Podcast, with the concept being centered around “workations.” Whether extending a business trip an extra day to explore the local sights or bringing the family along for a vacation, Jaime and Glenn not only interviewed fellow podcasters about their Podfest workations, but also turned the trip into one for themselves. They took friends and listeners along with them to the ICON Orlando 360 and saw the sights from 400ft in the air!

Episode 17: Turning Business Trips into Workations

As a special bonus episode, we decided to explore how travelers turn their business trips into vacations, or “workations.” We were privileged to be the opening Key Note Speakers at Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando–mecca for both conventions AND vacations. So, while we were there, we decided to ask some of our fellow podcasters about how they were turning THEIR Podfest business trips into a workation–visiting Disney and other surrounding attractions with family and friends along. And, we turned Podfest into a workation of our very own by grabbing a few listeners and checking out the view from 400ft in the air on the ICON Orlando–the tallest observation wheel on the United States east coast! Listen in…

Gallery of Photos from Podfest

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