FSM Produced Show, “Know Your Aura,” Mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine

FSM’s newest podcast client, Mystic Michaela, has her show, “Know Your Aura,” debuting this Friday… and it was mentioned in Cosmopolitan magazine!!

Producer Jaime has been proud to work with Mystic Michaela and her husband, Scott, to develop her new podcast, “Know Your Aura,” which debuts on Friday, August 30th. Mystic Michaela has been able to see colors around people for as long as she can remember, also receiving messages, and visions from departed loved ones from the other side. So, when they reached out to Jaime for podcast production services, she was VERY intrigued!

Mystic Michaela currently resides in south Florida, where she has a thriving practice of doing readings for clients and conducting workshops. In working with her, Jaime was fascinated to learn that she is a FOURTH generation psychic medium.

Here’s a description of her new show, and below you’ll find an excerpt from the article in Cosmopolitan…

Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela is the podcast discussing all things mystical and practical in aura color. Join Mystic Michaela and her guests and as they discuss day to day ways to increase the authenticity of your life.

Read the announcement article in Cosmopolitan…

COSMOPOLITAN — August 27, 2019

Reality TV Stars’ Go-To Spiritual Adviser Can Predict Your Future

It’s a typically warm evening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I’m standing in a mid-priced fashion boutique in a strip mall near the beach, surrounded by dozens of young women in floral-print dresses sipping prosecco amid the racks of faux-leather jackets and polyester rompers. Some give off a deep-purple and indigo glow; others wear halos of golden yellow or brick red. A special few radiate lime green. Together, they form a kind of pulsating, glimmering rainbow. At least, that’s what the scene looks like to Mystic Michaela, a professional aura reader who planned tonight’s event to spend time with her many clients and fans.

On August 30, Michaela will launch her own podcast, called Know Your Aura With Mystic Michaela, which will feature reality TV stars as guests. She hopes it will help everyone who listens consider how to live their lives more authentically.

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