PYB Episode 46: It’s All About Your Listeners (Podcasting 101)

Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting

For this next Podcasting 101 topic, I want to make it SUPER clear that the most important focus for your show is how well you are making it all about your listeners. It’s a key concept that you need to apply to all aspects of your show if you want to see good audience growth. And, in this episode, I’ll be honing in on 4 fundamental areas of consideration: picking your guests, figuring out when during the week it’s best to release your episodes, which sponsors to partner with, and what resources you can make available to your listening base for reference after the episode. Along the way, I will give you loads to think about in terms of YOUR listeners and how to make your show truly geared towards them and audience growth. And, I’ll even share one of my favorite quotes of all time, because the advice it conveys is simply fantastic. Listen in and let’s do this…!

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