PYB Episode 60: Structuring Your Podcast with Monetization in Mind (Podcasting 102)

Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting

I had the honor of presenting twice virtually at the 4th annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival this past October, and I am sharing one of those presentations on monetization here with you today! I will be highlighting the tactics I have used over the years to design shows that are ripe for sponsorship and other types of monetization. First, I will explain why, as a blanket rule for podcasters, the CPM model of advertising is NOT an ideal way to go and instead offer you an alternative approach. From there, I will give you a roadmap for tapping into your resources to prime your show’s format for monetization and share various ways to monetize your show above and beyond packing it full of ads and turning off your listeners. Come discover several, less-obvious ways to monetize your podcast platform and optimize the return on investment with every episode. It’s my next Podcasting 102 topic ready to roll for you today. Listen in and let’s do this…!

Monetization Topics Covered In This Presentation:

  • Why the CPM Model is the devil, haha!
  • Venn diagram for potential sponsors
  • Design show with monetization in mind at each step:
    • Who’s going to be involved (guests, building a community)
    • What segments can you have added value
  • Terms no less than 4 monthS
  • Sponsored show segments:
    • Highlighted products
    • Ongoing content contributors
  • Media partners
  • Links in show notes
  • Banner ads on website
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook Lives with the sponsor

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