PYB Episode 74: ChatGPT and AI for Ethical Use (and NOT Plagiarism!), with Marc Ronick (Podcasting 102)

Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting

How can you embrace using ChatGPT and AI tools as an ethical means of streamlining your podcasting work? From generating topic ideas and guest scheduling emails through episode preparation and publishing your show notes, ChatGPT and AI want to help you by pulling from sources other than yourself. So, how do you keep yourself at the core of your content, while capturing the potential utility of this new tech at your fingertips? I will start by defining the largest concern: plagiarism, so we are on the same page. Then, my Pro Podcasting Peer, Marc Ronick, and I discuss these copycat concerns and the steps he has taken to avoid them, retain the authenticity of his content, AND use these tools to boost his efficiency. Plus, we will play for you his hack for getting ChatGPT to remember long-form content… and, it is so brilliant, it stopped me in my tracks! It’s my next Podcasting 102 topic ready to roll for you today. Listen in and let’s do this…!

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Pro Podcast Peer: Marc Ronick of IRonick Media and NextGen Podcaster, Follow Marc on Instagram and Clubhouse | Connect with Marc Through His LinkTree

More About Marc: Marc Ronick, a podcasting veteran with over 17 years of experience, has a passion for empowering podcasters to turn their visions into reality. From launching his first fantasy football podcast in 2005 to founding the innovative NextGen Podcaster membership platform, Marc’s journey has been marked by an array of successful ventures, including his popular comedy podcast, The Marc and Lowell Show, The RELM Network, and iRonick Media. Now, with NextGen Podcaster, Marc brings podcasters access to cutting-edge AI tools, expert advice, and a vibrant network of like-minded creators. Marc also hosts the podcast, “Podcast PhD” and leads The Podcasting Morning Chat on Clubhouse, engaging with a community of hundreds of content creators.

Link: Marc’s Tik Tok on “Step-by-step info to have ChatGPT write your show notes, just like you would!”

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