Producer Jaime Joined as Advisor to Drop Station–a New Game-Changing Creator Platform!

Producer Jaime Joined as a Strategic Advisor to Drop Station–a New Game-Changing Podcast and Content Creator Platform!!!

One of Producer Jaime’s most famous (and longlasting) pieces of advice–one of her “Jaime-isms”–is her tip to create disciples for your show. Organic, word-of-mouth growth is STILL the best way to grow your audience and build your listener relationships; but, that doesn’t mean that growth has to be slow. In fact, she hosted an entire episode of Podcasting Your Brand nearly TWO years ago all about the concept and ways to put into action. (Podcasting Your Brand Episode 45: Creating Disciples for Your Show (Podcasting 102))

The puzzle of increasing your audience growth can still be confounding; however. And, we podcasters have long been in need of a singular tool that can boost this kind of organic, word-of-mouth growth. Well, Campbell and the Drop Station team have shown up to deliver a FANTASTIC solution. And, even better… they’ve wrapped a beautiful monetization bow right around it for you. Everbody wins… including your listeners!

I’m very excited to say that I’ve officially joined Drop Station as a Strategic Advisor! After years in the industry, I’ve seen the struggles many podcasts have had around growth and monetization.

Well, on the last night of Podfest 2024, I met Campbell. And, as soon as he showed me the platform, I saw what this can do for the industry, and got VERY excited!

With the recent launch of Power Moms Network (the most recent podcast network founded/managed by her), Producer Jaime was in the midst of researching various solutions for PMN’s membership needs. She was considering implementing a mishmash of solutions in order to achieve:

Creating a Sense of Community | Growing an Email List | Providing Branded Merchandise and Partner SWAG | A Tiered Membership System | Running Contests | Billing for Membership Fees | A Space that Can Grow as PMN Evolves | Plus, a Few Other Needs…

And, not only was she shocked to find that Drop Station met all these needs, but that it can do SO much more! Plus, as robust of a system as it is (you can do just about anything with it), it’s surpisingly simple and easy to setup, use, and maintain. And, as a bonus element: it’s naturally a SUPER fun platform for creators, their listeners, and their partners!

Drop Station’s ability to turn listeners into promoters while also getting listeners out of audible mode and into action mode is something we’ve been trying to figure out for years.

On top of this, the team’s early success stories with New Heights (hitting #1 on Apple Podcasts) as well as strong conversions with smaller shows is seriously impressive and I’m so excited to be officially part of the adventure to help podcasters make a bigger impact and better connect with their audience!

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