Owwll Episode 11: Hoot Hoot… It’s the Holidays!!

Connect. Learn. Grow…. with Owwll Experts

Owwll Founder Jason Hill and Producer Jaime will share in the holiday spirit of gift-giving with 5 great tips from some of our guests from 2022 pulled for you, including impactful thoughts from Charles Bender, Andrea Ocampo, Steve Edwards, Carlton Washington, Deniz Duygulu, and Daniel Mock. So, let’s jump right into it to connect, learn, and grow. Listen in… Hoot hoot!

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Host and Founder: Jason Hill of Owwll App, Owwll Podcast, and Shrimp Tank Boca Podcast

Host and Executive Producer: Producer Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur of Flint Stone MediaFlorida Podcast Network, Podfest Podcast, and Podcasting Your Brand

Guest: Charles L. Bender III, Founding CEO & Board Member of Place of Hope | Connect with Charles on Owwll

Guest: Andrea Ocampo of HBU Media (Founder/Executive Producer) | Connect with Andrea on Owwll | Follow Andrea on Instagram (@OfficialAndreaOcampoTV), TikTok

Guest: Steve Edwards of Premier Virtual (Chief Executive Officer) | Connect with Steve on Owwll | Follow Steve on LinkedIn

Guests: Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu of 4Ever Young Anti Aging (Founders) | Connect with Carlton on Owwll | Connect with Deniz on Owwll

Guest: Musician Daniel Mock | Connect with Daniel on Owwll

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