JDM (Jorge) DeMoyaMarketing and Social Media Manager

JDM (Jorge) DeMoya

Miami, FL, USA

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Jorge (JDM) was born and raised in Miami, Florida to 1st generation Cuban immigrant parents. An avid movie geek always quoting film lines with his dad, uncles & cousins, Jorge went to Full Sail University in Orlando, FL where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production and a Master’s in Entertainment Business. Being a true Floridian and becoming a family man, Jorge worked throughout Florida on various film projects and companies with Sony Latin America, Dolphin Digital Media & The OWN Network.

In 2017, Jorge started to work independently and created 90 Miles Media where he would create digital content for social media brands. He also began to work more closely with the de Moya Foundation, a foundation founded by his mother and inspired by his younger brother. The foundation bridges the gap and creates employment opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities. Working in the digital content space, Jorge discovered the podcasting world and wanted nothing more than to dive right in. An avid hockey fan, movie geek, advocate, husband and dad of three kids plus a dog, Jorge’s array of interests were drawn to the world of podcasting.

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