Team Member, Jorge, Promoted to Production Assistant!

Congratulations, Jorge!

Jorge Hernandez joined the Flint Stone Media team back in September, handling Special Projects for us. Well, working with him these past few months has been an absolute delight. He has risen up to the challenge, helped keep our clients happy, and greatly influenced the ability of this company to grow. What an impact he has made!

Most impressively, Jorge created all 12 voicemail packages for Horse Radio Network’s Holiday Radiothon. His deliverables were FLAWLESS–impressing our client, Glenn the Geek.

As such, we are pleased to announce that Jorge has now been promoted to Production Assistant. He will be helping more with editing client episodes and other audio projects, conducting recording sessions, and helping handle more of the publishing and distribution of podcast episodes.

We’ve been so happy to have him, and look forward to keeping this production party train going. Well done, Jorge!!

Rewind back to Jorge’s onboarding interview:

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Host: Jaime (“Jemmy“) Legagneur, Founder and Operator of Flint Stone Media

Guest: Jorge Hernandez of FanFreeks and BoneKingTV

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