Jaime Joins the Horse Radio Network as their New Production Coordinator

What an Amazing Experience and Opportunity!!

Enjoy this audio experience of my time in Ocala and listen to me catch up with Glenn the Geek from the Horse Radio Network on the other side of Hurricane Irma!

I drove up to Ocala from south Florida on Tuesday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner. Glenn took me for a tour of their land, and I got to feed his horse, Scooter, and meet the neighbors’ horses, Liam and Pablo. Glenn and Jenn made me feel completely at home as we relaxed on their recliners before heading to bed for my big first day of training at HRN HQ!

Training Day 1, Wednesday the 6th:

I sat side-saddle to Jenn as she produced an episode of Horses in the Morning, explained everything, and entertained my endless questions. Then, Glenn announced me as their newest team member at about the 52-minute mark on HITM, inviting me to make an appearance on the show. Check it out!! It was a really cool first day!

Training Day 2, Thursday the 7th:

On day 2, Glenn and Jenn had me in the Horses in the Morning production saddle, where I managed to NOT screw it up!! Woo-hoo!!

Then, I went out, helped clean Scooter and Nigel’s horseshoes, was treated to a Scooter carriage ride, and even took a ride around their field on Nigel.

What a fun day–until I had to abruptly end it due to Irma, lol. I was one of the few people heading south on the Turnpike. It was a crazy end to an otherwise glorious day and week!!

How this Dream Happened!

Glenn and I met at Podfest 2017, when I asked him for an interview as part of my podcast project for Curve the Cube episode #110. Through some miracle, he chose me as a potential mentee. I was so honored, and we became fast friends.

Glenn and his wife, Jenn’s, hard work of building the Horse Radio Network over the last several years has proven so successful, that they no longer have time for their own lives, lol! So, Glenn offered to have me join their team on a part-time basis, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Thank you, Glenn and Jenn!!

Glenn’s Appearances on My Curve the Cube Podcast:

He’ll be making his own full appearance soon; so, stay tuned!!

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