“Monetization Starts Before You Launch,” Jaime Guest Hosts on Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast!

How to plan and structure your show with monetization in mind, how to determine which brands are targeting your audience, and things to be mindful of when creating your monetization strategy.” – Jaime guest hosts on Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast

Producer Jaime has been featured as a guest host on a recent episode of Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast, Episode 4: Monetization Starts Before You Launch!

Blk Pod Collective’s mission is to change the landscape of podcasting by providing visibility, developing strong brand partnerships, and creating a platform where African-Americans within the podcasting industry can be showcased and promoted!

Here’s an excerpt from the show description for this episode of Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast

“Join host Jaime Legagneur, owner of Flint Stone Media and founder of Florida Podcast Network, which now boasts five shows–three of which Jaime hosts–Finding FloridaPeople of Florida, and Florida Podcasting News. “

And, here was their big announcement of the episode on Facebook!

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