FSM’s Very Own Daisy Cedeno to be Speaker at Podfest’s Global Virtual Summit!

Join Daisy as she speaks at the Podfest Global Virtual Summit this August 13th!

We are very excited and proud to share that one of our very own Production Assistants, Daisy Cedeno (who is also the Founder of Hispanic In America Inc.) will be speaking at the Podfest Global Virtual Summit this Thursday, Aug. 13th from 10PM-2AM during the Bilingual Micro Con–speaking on Storytelling & The Art of Interviewing. Congratulations, Daisy, on being a part of history!! And, you can be a part of history, too, as Podfest attempts the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Largest Attendance for a Virtual Podcasting Conference in One Week!!
Here is a little message from Daisy from her Facebook Page with more information:
“I’m so happy to participate in the biggest virtual conference in America! The conference is in English, but we have mini Spanish conferences that will be held at different schedules.
There are still free tickets left and you can explore and let me know what you thought!
This is the link https://podfestexpo.com/
My conference will also be in English and the date is Thursday 13th August. You just have to look me up as one of the Speakers and Bilingual Conference sections. The theme of my conference is ′′ Storytelling & The Art of Interviewing “. Tell Stories & The Art of Interviewing “.
Hope you can make it!
Daisy (Your Coach)”
We hope you all tune in to support Daisy and Podfest!!

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