Congratulations to The Property Management Roundtable on the Launch of their Show!

Congratulations, Wolfpack!

The entire Flint Stone Media team is excited to celebrate the launch of “Property Management Roundtable”–the latest show to launch with our podcast development services! Matthew Whittaker, who has already been part of the FSM family through gkhouses and their three other shows (see below!) is joined on the mic now by four other property management experts from across the country, known as The Wolfpack–Duke Dodson, Michael Krause, Tim Wehner, and Vincent Deorio–each of whom has distinguished himself in the industry in his own right.

In their show, they take the spirit of their off-mic conversations over the years to inform the public masses with their wealth of property management knowledge, experience, and expertise. Congratulations, guys!!

Property Management Roundtable:

Imagine every couple of weeks you get together with your property management colleagues for coffee or a beer. What kinds of things would you discuss? Current property management issues…? Problems you are dealing with in your business…? New things you were learning…? Well, we do that, but for the public.

We are proud to continue the trust of Matthew Whitaker and his highly-respected network of property management industry professionals. Congratulations to him and the entire Wolfpack for the launch of their podcast!!

The Property Management Roundtable is LIVE!

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