BITB Episode 8B: BONUS – Launch Recap Sizzle Reel

A Bootstrapper’s Guide to Doing It

Thanks for joining in for the launch of Business in the Bedroom – A Bootstrapper’s Guide to Doing It. I’m your host, Jaime Legagneur, and, I’ve built my business, Flint Stone Media, from MY bedroom as my passionate pursuit of making OTHER people’s dreams and goals come to fruition. Normally, this show will be delivered every other week on Mondays. But, on this recap of the launch, I’ll share some feedback from fellow listeners and highlight clips. So, if you missed any of these initial 8 episodes, you’ll be motivated to go back to start before catching Episode 9 on Monday. Then, at the end, I’ll remind you of all the ways you can jumpstart your OWN business by interacting with me and the community around this show.

Remember to “Hit it hard. Keep the lights on.” Listen in and let’s do this…!


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