Congrats to The Wedding Biz Network on a Successful Launch!

Congrats to Andy Kushner and The Wedding Biz Network on a Successful Launch!

When Producer Jaime was first approached by Andy Kushner in May of 2019 with his idea of parlaying his successful solo show, The Wedding Biz, into a podcast that serves the creatives of the event industry, she was both extremely excited at the opportunity and fully confident in her ability to make his dream and goals happen. And, she hit the ground running to get the network set up with Andy!

The first person Producer Jaime then helped board onto TWBN was Business of Being Creative with creative business advice expert, Sean Low. Though the COVID pandemic unfortunately stalled some other projects in the works, they pressed on. And, the TWBN team was VERY proud to be able to then announce the addition of another new show this past January with none other than event industry legend, Preston Bailey. Creating the podcast, Stop and Smell the Roses, with Preston was an absolute thrill for Producer Jaime–whose own father is admittedly a BIG fan of Preston’s.

Now, with these two shows added to the lineup of The Wedding Biz Network, Producer Jaime is proud of her contribution as their Launch Director and seeing TBWN now poised to be a media force in the wedding and events industry.

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