Jaime to Teach Website Design and Content for Your Podcast Brand Growth at Podfest Masterclass

Jaime to Present at the Podfest Masterclass Online Summit!

We are so Excited!

We are proud to announce that Jaime be going to PodFest Masterclass May 10th-13th 2021! 

Join her and 100+ expert speakers to learn strategies and tactics FOR FREE on subjects and mini conferences like:

* Zero to Launch: Get your Podcasts and Video Brands started from Scratch

* Organic Traffic Growth: Learn how to grow your brand using FREE methods

* Membership Building Strategies: Learn how to start or grow a paid membership service!

Want FREE access to this event (usually $99)? Reach out to Jaime (Jaime@FlintStoneMedia.com or send a DM to @FlintStoneMedia on Twitter or Instagram) and she’ll send you my promo code!

Event Schedule: 5/4/21 – 12:30 PM

TITLE: Website Design and Content for Your Podcast Brand Growth


A website should be the home base of any brand–and that includes your podcast! I’ll cover the basics of decoding the power of Search Engine Optimization for your podcast, starting first with defining SEO and laying out why it is both critically important to AND a massive opportunity for the discoverability of your show. Then, I’ll run through some key initiatives of this longtail effort: your website’s structure and framework, your site’s design, and moving the levers of your site’s relevance for the Google search terms you want to be discovered for.


1. Definition of SEO

2. Website structure and framework basics

3. Keys to good website design

4. Increasing relevance for Google search terms

As a reminder, Jaime was the recipient of the 2020 Podfest High Achiever Award!

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