Congratulations to Straight Up Chicago Investor for Their 200th Episode!

Congratulations, Mark & Tom!

Congratulations to the team at Straight Up Chicago Investor on reaching their 200th episode! What an accomplishment!! Hosts Mark Ainley and Tom Shallcross are Chicago investors and property managers who are making it happen in and around the Windy City, sharing information, winning strategies, obstacles, success stories, and most importantly, lessons learned. They have been absolute TRAILBLAZERS when it comes to having a successful property-based podcast, building a community, and using their podcast as an incredible tool to market their businesses and position themselves in their industry.

And, as they did when celebrating their 100th episode, they are hosting a BIG event in Chicago with their network of listeners, guests, and other experts and fans of their podcast. And for the 200th episode itself, they invited a panel of guests on for an amazing discussion on all things Chicago Real Estate! Thanks and congratulations to Mark, Tom, and the entire SUCI and FSM teams!!

Join Us in Congratulating the Straight Up Chicago Investor Team!

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