Jean G. Legagneur, Sr.Statistics and Reporting

Jean G. Legagneur, Sr.

Boynton Beach, FL, USA

Career Highlights:

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A former Beverage and IT industries Executive, Jean has a background plentiful in general business experience. He spent the majority of his career (thirty-two years) in the beverage industry as an Information Technology professional and consultant, assessing, choosing, recommending, delivering, and implementing practical and administrative solutions to major beverage distributors throughout the US, including William Thies & Sons, Inc. and Gold Coast Beverage. More recently, he rounded out his business background with fourteen years as a Broker and Administrative Assistant in the commodity and financial instruments industries.

Jean hails from the Caribbean country of Haiti and is fluent in three languages (English, French, and Haitian Creole) and also has working knowledge of Spanish. He has also earned degrees in Business, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering.

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