BITB Episode 10: Pricing Yourself

A Bootstrapper’s Guide to Doing It

Let’s piggy-back off of our sales springboard from the last episode and dive into pricing yourself. While learning to discover a potential clients’ pain points will help you close sales, strategizing the price point of your proposals is just as important. There are 5 key factors to figuring out how to do this right for you and YOUR business. So, I’ll lay them all out for you today and help you find YOUR pricing sweet spot. Then, I’ll finish up with a fact about pricing yourself that turns everything upside down and will absolutely blow your mind. So, hold on to your hats. Honestly, if you want to build your own independent business, you CAN’T miss this episode. Listen in, and let’s do this…

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Host: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur

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