PYB Episode 40: Recording Your Audio and Prepping Your Space (The Technical Side of Launching, Part 2)

Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting

In Part 2 of this next series of episodes, The Technical Side of Launching, I’ll cover for you both various methods of recording AND how to prep your space for optimal sound. I’ll begin by explaining how your recording options split into two basic categories: hardware versus software. And, in terms of the software, I’ll run through the three different types of software options: your editing program, your connection software, and standalone recording program–also touching on the pros and cons of single track versus a multi-track recording. And then, yes, in this episode, I will FINALLY be covering the “Where” side of your setup with tips on choosing the best space and then how to optimize it for your sound. Plus, I’ll reveal my most critical point about the recording process and share tips for handling sound issues in real time while recording. This episode is chock-full of recording session know-how. So, listen in and let’s do this…!

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