Congratulations to Peacebuilding with Pollack!

Congratulations, Peacebuilding with Pollack!

Peacebuilding with Pollack featuring host Dr. Jeremy Pollack is the podcast that aims to improve work relationships and manage difficult conflicts, one caller at a time. Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Dr. P takes callers from around the country who are dealing with stressful work relationships to provide coaching and support in solving the workplace issues that are burdening them.

You will learn practical advice for managing the conflicts both up and down the corporate ladders in your own life. Listen in and be a fly on the wall as Dr. P has callers get real and honest. Not only will you learn practical tools for resolving your own conflicts, but you’ll also no longer feel so alone in the stressful situations YOU are experiencing. Or, even become a caller yourself, and receive a free 1:1 coaching session with Dr. P right on the show!

 Practical advice for solving coworker, supervisor, and employee conflicts.

Peacebuilding with Pollack is LIVE!

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