Join Producer Jaime and Hear Her Speak on Monetization at Podfest Global 2023!

Join Producer Jaime for another annual installment of the Podfest Global!!

Join us for Podfest Global! A strong sense of community and camaraderie will welcome you at the all-time largest virtual podcasting event ever. Created by Chris Krimitsos in 2015, Podfest Global has grown into a recurring, must-attend yearly gathering that is now international, drawing creators from all over the world. You will see friendly faces and speakers who are experts in their field, delivering the most valuable, recent content from the virtual stage AND backstage. Our programming, exhibitions and networking opportunities make this event a place for developing long-lasting, positive relationships for years to come.

Producer Jaime’s Session:

Tuesday, March 28th, 12:00-12:30pm

Presentation Title: Structuring Your Podcast with Monetization in Mind

Description: In this breakout, I will share the tactics I’ve used to design shows that are ripe for monetization. I will first share why, as a blanket rule, the CPM model of advertising is NOT the way to go as a podcaster and offer the alternative approach. Then, I’ll share various ways you can monetize your show, above and beyond packing it full of ads and turning off your listeners. I will provide a roadmap for tapping into your resources and maximizing your show’s format, so it’s primed it for monetization. Come discover several less-obvious ways to monetize your podcast platform and optimize the return on investment with every episode.


→ Why the CPM Model is the devil, haha!

→ Venn diagram for potential sponsors

→ Design show with monetization in mind at each step:

  • Who’s going to be involved (guests, building a community)
  • What segments can you have added value

→ Terms no less than 4 months

→ Sponsored show segments:

  • Highlighted products
  • Ongoing content contributors

→ Media partners

→ Links in show notes

→ Banner ads on website

→ Social media posts

→ Facebook Lives with the sponsor

→ Product reviews

Head to with the code Podfam49 to register for the Podfest Glogal event March 27-30th, 2023. ~ Producer Jaime

Producer Jaime’s Slides:

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