Producer Jaime to Emcee PodPros 2023 Q2 Virtual Podcasting Event

Producer Jaime to Emcee PodPros 2023 Q2 Virtual Podcasting Event on April 20th for Alex Sanfilippo!!

Producer Jaime is emceeing Alex Sanfilippo’s PodPros 2023 Q2 Virtual Podcasting Event! She was honored to help emcee several of his past successful events and is SUPER honored to do it again! Alex creates his PodPros quarterly virtually evengt experiences specifically for podcast guests and podcast hosts to learn to improve their craft, so they can make a bigger impact on the world that hears their voices through podcasting. Think about the style of a TED Talk, but for podcasting. That’s what Alex is doing with this event: sharing good ideas for podcast guests and podcast hosts.

Check out the list of just SOME of the speakers:

Dave Jackson | Paul Granger | Daniel Alfon | Brent Dowlen | Katie Brinkley | Megan Dougherty | Dan Cumberland | Chrissy Das | Dr. Vic Manzo | Doug Sandler | Kelly Mosser | Mike Michalowicz

If you’re a podcast host or podcast guest (or aspiring to be), this event will be extremely helpful for you by providing so much value for your podcasting journey. It’s going to be SUPER fun and very community-driven. So, come be a part of it… Tickets are still available down below!!

PodPros exists to elevate independent voices! Podcasting provides the most truthful/impactful form of content; because of this, we desire to equip podcast guests and hosts to share their message with the world–ultimately, making it a better place!


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