Flint Stone Media Resurrects its Marketing Services–Now for Podcasting!

Did you hear the good news from us on Friday?

To offer further support to their podcast clients, Flint Stone Media is going back to its roots as a digital marketing agency and bringing previous services back online–website design, social media marketing, and general digital PR. But, there are also now a whole host of NEW related services being offered to FSM’s clients to support their podcasts. So, keep scrolling for more ways we can help YOUR show!

Jaime was joined by Flint Stone Media’s new Marketing and Social Media Manager, Jorge “JDM” DeMoya for the special announcement:

Our new (and old) services supporting the growth and expansion of our client’s podcasts:

Marketing Documentation

Having a set of professionally-crafted sales tools can help you and your team’s efforts to grow your podcast’s reach and/or revenue potential. Our team will work with you to create a set of tools to help you:

Introduce your show to new contacts and audiences

Provide information on your show to potential sponsors

Help potential sponsors better understand the podcasting space

  • –One Sheets
  • –Advertising Guidelines
  • –Full Media Kits

These tools are great for sharing on your website, in emails, on social media, and more!

Advertising Sales Support

Selling sponsorships can not only defray your production costs, but can also help support your podcast’s growth. Our team will provide ongoing advertising and sales support services to:

Help you decipher and target the best potential sponsors for your show

Create the statistics reports that many current advertisers require

Participate in sales calls

Provide ongoing campaign and strategy insight

  • –Statistics Reporting
  • –Ad Sales
  • –Strategy Sessions

Having an experienced team working with you can make the difference in realizing your podcast’s true monetization potential!

Audio / Visual Support

Beyond the episodes themselves, there are a variety of other audio and visual assets that can be used to grow and market your podcast. Our talented team of editors, producers, and designers can create projects that:

Highlight your show’s best moments

Fulfill the advertising needs for your contracted sponsor spots

Provide visual elements for use on websites, social media, and other outlets

  • –Commercials and Promos
  • –Show Bumpers
  • –Other Custom Audio
  • –Video Production
  • –Graphic Design
  • –Audiograms

Our team can produce a variety of audio packages, video projects, and related assets to help market your show to standout!

Social Media / Newsletters

Word-of-mouth is still the best way to capture new listeners for a podcast, because people trust the opinion of those they know. Social media allows the opportunity to take that concept into the digital space. Our social media offerings provide the support you need to:

Create a regular, ongoing presence for your show on social media

Better engage your following and build your show’s community

  • –Facebook
  • –Twitter
  • –Instagram
  • –LinkedIn
  • –YouTube
  • –eBlasts

Keep your podcast’s updates in front of your followers!

Reach out to our new Marketing and Social Media Manager, JDM!

Podcasting can allow not only people to flex their muscles in this whole new genre, but it also allows a platform for people to come together in their own little think tank.” – Jaime featured in The Palm Beach Post

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