Flint Stone Media Proudly Announces the Addition of Several New Team Members!

We are VERY excited to introduce you to our new team below! When we began the initial search for people with whom to expand our business, we were blown away–receiving responses from 8 states and 5 other countries. And, the talent was STRONG, making the decisions difficult. But, what a problem to have, right?!? So, working through the process of bringing on these new team members to provide podcast services to our clients has been one that we have been VERY eager to share with you.

But, first, we want to take a moment to congratulate one of our first team members, Jorge, on his promotion to Lead Production Assistant!

Since joining the team last August to handle Special Projects, Jorge has made a quite the impact on the business. And, in doing so, he has seen growth within in his position not once, but now TWICE. We are so happy to see Jorge being promoted into the role of Lead Production Assistant. We know we owe so much of Flint Stone Media’s ability to grow in recent months to his contributions to the the team so far. And, as we bring on all the great new team members below, this expansion of his role will prove invaluable.

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Congratulations, Jorge!

Scroll on to meet the rest of our amazing team!!

JDM (Jorge) DeMoya joins us as our new Marketing and Social Media Manager. Jorge (JDM) was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is an avid movie geek and hockey fan. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production and a Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Orlando. And, he also created 90 Miles Media and works closely with the de Moya Foundation. Clearly, Jorge brings an array of talents to the team, and we are excited to have him heading up our Marketing efforts.

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A former Beverage and IT industries Executive, Jean has a background plentiful in general business experience. He hails from the Caribbean country of Haiti and has earned degrees in Business, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering. So, he will lending his spreadsheet and reporting expertise to FSM statistics tracking efforts. Oh, and he’s also Jaime’s dad. 🙂

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Cody joins us with a background in music production that transfers well to podcasts. A co-creator of Create Loud, a podcast to inspire people to live their dreams, Cody’s podcasting theme mirrors Jaime’s roots from her first show. An interesting mix of social media skills and random trivia knowledge, we are excited to see Cody apply his renaissance personality to the FSM portfolio.

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Daisy Cedeno is a bilingual entrepreneur and podcaster, host of Al Dia Con Daisy and is also the founder of Podcast Express Academy. She and Jaime became fast friends through Palm Beach Podcasters, and her extensive background in radio and television makes her a wonderful addition to the Flint Stone Media production team!

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  • Daniel Delgado Editor & Production Assistant

    Coconut Creek, FL, USA

    Joined January 2020

Dan’s first connection with the Flint Stone Media family was as a storyteller on episode 6 of Jaime’s latest show, People of Florida. (You won’t beLIEVE what they talked about!) Well, as the co-founder of the internet radio station, TalkRadioX, and a podcaster himself with a solid talent for storytelling, he is going to be a strong asset to the FSM team!

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Kyle’s love of working with sound started as a passion early in his childhood. He followed that dream, and after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Sound Production, he’s had a career that’s spanned over 25 years and several countries. Most recently, he created his own independent production studio, Canberra Podcast and Voice, and is coming on board to lend his talents to our Flint Stone Media team!

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When Paul first told Jaime he began his career in audio some 30 years ago as studio assistant to Pete Townshend of The Who, she was… eh… mildly impressed. (Ha… right!) His vast background includes working with many musical acts, post-production in television, and being part of many award-winning and nominated projects. He has started his own podcast editing and audio services company, Stick & Splice, and now shares his impressive talents with our team at Flint Stone Media.

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And, our Lead Editor and Production Engineer, Charles, continues to provide the team with a wonderful level of support!

Jaime often describes Charles Milling as a music note with legs. The Director of Contemporary Music at her church, Jaime has the privilege of witnessing Charles’ talent for sound on a regular basis. Charles is an NYU/Berklee grad and the Founder and Creative Director of Live Hymnal. And, he’s also Godfather to Jaime’s son, Jordon! He is going to continue to be an significant asset to our team at Flint Stone Media!

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Jaime has been eager to guide her business, Flint Stone Media, through each evolutionary stage, as she moves it closer and closer to her ultimate vision. What began in 2010 as a digital marketing firm rooted in blogging, content-creation, and community-building endeavors, Jaime retooled the company toward the more niched market of podcasting in 2014 when she discovered a passion for the craft. Now the Founder/CEO of Florida Podcast Network, Organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters, Production Manager for the Horse Radio Network, Director of The Wedding Biz Network, and Instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Jaime is eager to continue to create strong partnerships for the brand.

But, more than anything, Jaime is most looking forward to working with the new team members and creating great work for their clients!

“When I first started Flint Stone Media, the dream was all about my son and me. I wanted to create something that left a legacy for him and an impact for both my clients and on my home state of Florida. But, what has began to materialize since this summer was the realization that the dream could reach beyond my household. I knew that there was potential for me to grow Flint Stone Media and Florida Podcast Network to create opportunities for others as well; and, that has been what I’ve been striving extra hard to achieve over these last few months. And, I couldn’t be more proud of the blessing I’ve received in these individuals coming on board for this next era. This phase of life that Flint Stone Media is moving into is simply going to be so fulfilling on many levels!”

~ Jaime

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Podcasting can allow not only people to flex their muscles in this whole new genre, but it also allows a platform for people to come together in their own little think tank.” – Jaime featured in The Palm Beach Post

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