Podfest Podcast Episode 8: Brand Consistency, Top 3 Transcription Services for Podcasters, and the Technical Basics of Launching a Show, brought to you by Buzzsprout

Education and Inspiration Through Community

We’re back!! And, our guest speaker this week, Robyn M. Sayles of Launching Your Success, gives us a lesson on brand consistency for Track 1 on Monetization and Marketing. Then, on Track 2 for Technology and Innovation, our Title Sponsor, Buzzsprout, shares the top 3 transcription services for podcasters. And, our third track is a key note brought to you by your hosts! As a Creation & Launch track, Jaime and Glenn will run down the technical basics of launching a show. Plus, we’ll share our latest Podfest updates and community shout outs. Welcome to the conference!


  • 6:36 – Podfest on the Move – Shoutouts
  • 11:43 – Track #1: Monetization & Marketing with Robyn M. Sayles of Launching Your Success (Brand Consistency)
  • 21:41 – Track #2: Technology & Innovation with Buzzsprout (Top 3 Transcription Services for Podcasters)
  • 36:45 – Track #3: Creation & Launch with Glenn the Geek and Producer Jaime (Technical Basics of Launching a Show)
  • 41:07 – Close

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Guest, Track 1: Robyn M. Sayles of Launching Your Success

Track 2, provided by Buzzsprout: Buzzsprout’s Podcasting Q&A

Track 3, provided by your hosts! Free tips from Producer Jaime

Trivia Host: Jonathon Oakes of Trivial Warfare | Everyday Q & A Trivia Calendar

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