PM Episode 00BONUS: Simple Sizzle Reel

Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success

Producer Jaime plays for you a quick sizzle reel of clips from the first few episodes of the Power Moms Network’s flagship show, Power Moms! In these clips, you will meet the following five power moms and get a taste of how they have parlayed their parenthood superpowers into success:

  • Power Mom #1: Karlie Causey from Jen and Keri
  • Power Mom #2: Michelle Brandriss from Name Bubbles
  • Power Mom #3: Michelle and Shannon from Cart Drop
  • Power Mom #4: Melissa Clayton from TinyTags
  • Power Mom #5: Rebecca Cafiero from The Pitch Club

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Show Description:
The motherhood journey can cause you to either lose yourself or find yourself. But, one thing is true either way–when we become moms, we develop super powers. Our powers for multi-tasking, memory challenges from the kids’ routines, conflict resolution and SO much more just instinctively kick in or kick up. And, we are powered up as a result. So, the choice, then, is what to do with all that newfound inner strength.

A Power Mom takes those superpowers and parlays them into other things–finding and empowering herself and others along the way! Once parenting power becomes part of your arsenal, the LIFE journey and all the goals you had for yourself can get supercharged, if you have the tools and resources to put that power into action. This show is going to focus on the development and application of those superpowers to achieve your own goals.

Don’t LOSE yourself in your motherhood journey; let the superpowers you have been developing instead help you FIND yourself and empower everything else you do.

Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success!

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Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success!

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