PM Episode 4: Celebrating the Little Things, with Melissa Clayton from Tiny Tags

Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success

Do YOU celebrate the little things in life? Whether a small milestone, little win, or any tiny step in the right direction, you need to celebrate it! As a Power Mom, prioritizing your own passions and acknowledging each of your own wins–no matter how big or small is a means of honoring yourself. And, that’s the best way to keep you motivated along your Power Mom path. On today’s episode, I am joined by Melissa Clayton from Tiny Tags, a REALLY exciting jewelry line that let’s moms celebrate themselves, their motherhood, or both. And, THAT makes her a Power Mom!! Listen in…

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Guest Power Moms: Melissa Clayton from Tiny Tags

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Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success!

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