PM Episode 7: Success Takes a Sisterhood, with Cindy Metzler from Omm Media

Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success

You do not have to travel the difficult roads alone. And, your path to success can be paved with gold laid by a powerful sisterhood. When you have (and accept) the support of those around you, you can achieve greatness! However, that is only half the story. You can also position yourself to bless others by paying it forward. And, that is a philosophy fully embodied by today’s Power Mom, Cindy Metzler from OMM Media, the Sisterhood for Success, and TEDx Boca Raton. She not only champions ideas worth spreading, but this badass butterfly helps everyone she meets grow into their own successes. Cindy is a font of female empowerment and shining example of women helping women. And, THAT makes her a Power Mom!! Listen in…

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Guest Power Mom: Cindy Metzler from OMM Media, the Sisterhood for Success, and TEDx Boca Raton | Follow Cindy on LinkedIn and Instagram (@CindyMMetzler)

More About Cindy: Passionate marketer, working with thought-leaders, change-makers, Fortune 500s, tech companies and start-ups to help build their brands and make an impact. Senior marketing, PR, event, and training professional with expertise in B2B and B2C sectors. Twenty years with variety of clients including Fortune 100s, privately-held companies, and non-profits. Rich experience during dot-com boom through the present in digital marketing, high-tech, startups, e-commerce, IPOs, with expertise in the following industries: technology, leisure, lifestyle, health, hospitality, beauty, wellness, fashion, women-owned-businesses, retail, biotech, and HVAC.

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Parlay Your Parenthood Superpowers into Success!

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