Podfest Podcast Episode 10: Fighting Podfade, Facing Podcasting Fears, and Forbe’s Four Podcast Predictions for 2022, brought to you by Buzzsprout

Education and Inspiration Through Community

We are going to begin meeting some of the voices of the faces you are SURE to see at this year’s Podfest, coming up in May! Glenn is out of the studio today. So, Producer Jaime is joined by a special guest co-host–long-time friend of Podfest Multimedia Expo, Niel Guilarte of Wildstyle Media!! On our first track, Zack Demopoulos of the Raising Rents Podcast and leader of Podfest’s Healthcare Con covers a Podcasting Basic–fighting podfade. Then, in Track 2, we continue supporting the podcaster’s mindset with Josh Cary of the Hidden Entrepreneur (who will be leading the all new Personal GrowthCon at Podfest). We’ll discuss overcoming the fear that holds you back. And, for our Track 3 Key Note on Technology and Innovation, Producer Jaime and Niel discuss Forbe’s Four Podcast Predictions for 2022. Plus, we’ll share our latest from Podfest and our community shout outs. Welcome to the conference!


  • 2:01 – Podfest on the Move – Shoutouts
  • 6:02 – Track #1: Podcasting Basics with Zack Demopoulos of the Raising Rents Podcast (Fighting Podfade)
  • 11:03 – Track #2: Podcasting Basics with Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur (Overcoming the Fear that Holds You Back)
  • 18:11 – Track #3: Technology and Innovation with Producer Jaime and Niel Guilarte of Wildstyle Media (Forbe’s Four Podcast Predictions For 2022)
  • 30:12 – Close

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Guest Co-Host: Niel Guilarte of Wildstyle Media

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Guest, Track 1: Zack Demopoulos of the Raising Rents Podcast

Guest, Track 2: Josh Cary of the Hidden Entrepreneur Podcast | Follow Josh on Facebook (@joshcaryco) | Follow Josh on Instagram (@joshcaryco)

Track 3, provided by your hosts! Free tips from Producer Jaime

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