Celebrating 7 Years in Podcasting

Jaime First Launched Flint Stone Media 7 Years Ago TODAY!

Seven years ago today, I had a dream. I was in my cubicle celebrating my 15th year as a data analyst and DESPERATE to break free. After discovering my talent for promotional work, I took my first big step toward the actualization of that dream and planted the Flint Stone Media flag. As you’ll see below in the timeline, it has been an INCREDIBLE ride that has opened all kinds of doors, allowed me to experience both personal and professional growth in a way I never could have imagined or predicted, and given me my wings.

However, the Flint Stone Media dream quickly expanded beyond myself. Not only is the spirit of FSM rooted in making our clients‘ dreams come true, but the company’s growth has allowed me to grow an amazing team who is seeing some of their own dreams unfold through FSM, too. And, I could NOT have done a BIT of this without them. (For my 2020 personal reflection on my journey that includes a TON of amazing photos, click here.)

And, this next phase of Flint Stone Media has another VERY exciting development–especially for podcasters with goals and a TON of questions on how to get there…


June 2014: Founded Flint Stone Media LLC

October 2014: Launched my own first podcast, Curve the Cube


February 2016: Became the Organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters

September 2016: Launched Eggheads After Hours Podcast with cohosts Joseph Russo, Kate Volman, and Aaron Wormus




January 2019: Promoted to the Production Manager for Horse Radio Network

February 2019: Began producing my first show (People of Palm Beach) for a celebrity – local news anchor, Suzanne Boyd

February 2019: Launched the Florida Podcasting News show, also cohosted by Glenn the Geek

March 2019: Attended my 3rd Podfest–this time as an Ambassador, Key Note Speaker, and Panelist! And, received some amazing voice art as a gift.

March 2019: Attended my first Hispanic Radio Conference | Joined the “Podcasting for Radio Dummies” Panel

May 2019: Began producing for pop culture celebrity, Mystic Michaela

June 2019: Presented my origin Story and Tips to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (invitation from Podcast Hall-of-Famer, Danny Pena)

June 2019: Became the Podcast Network Director for The Wedding Biz Network

August 2019: Partnered with the Fish Florida Association for podcast services fulfillment

August 2019: Hired my first two new team members–Jorge and Charles!!

August 2019: Client, Mystic Michaela’s, podcast, Know Your Aura, featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

August 2019: Became a Founding Member of the International Podcast Association

August 2019: Became the first EVER podcasting instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting

September 2019: Invited to be a Speaker for International Podcast Day Again!!

October 2019: Present a Podcasting Workshop at the Women’s Empowerment Expo in Fort Lauderdale

October 2019: Launched the People of Florida podcast

November 2019: Invited as a guest on Biz Women Rock, a podcast by Katie Krimitsos

November 2019: Featured in The Palm Beach Post – both in the digital AND print editions!!

December 2019: Prediction for 2020 included on LiveStreamUniverse.com

December 2019: Invited as a guest on PodcastGuyMedia.com



Celebrating 7 Years in Podcasting
Celebrating 7 Years in Podcasting

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And now, as we embark on beginning our eighth year of Flint Stone Media’s life and work, I have added a new layer onto this journey: podcast coaching! For all these years, I have provided podcast consulting to my production clients at any time they’ve needed to reach out. And, I’ve looked for opportunities for them along the way,  as well. I have also been a podcast instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, teaching podcasting to completely green students.

However, since joining Clubhouse and providing value to all kinds of people both entering the space and looking to grow. And, SO MANY people on that platform have been asking me for coaching outside of being the show’s producer. They may be producing the show themselves or already be working with a production company. But, they really need help with the direction of their show. So, after much arm-twisting (not really that much, lol), I put together Producer Jaime’s Coaching Program!!

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